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Council prepares documents to plan for the future direction of our shire and to assist with our service delivery. Community consultation is a key element in preparing these documents.

You are welcome to view any document listed below and provide feedback via the feedback link.

Please note: your feedback will be treated as a public document and may be printed in Council's meeting agendas and made available to the public. If you want your feedback to remain confidential, you will need to provide reasons for doing so.


Ocean Breeze Reserve Master Plan

Council is inviting feedback in relation to the draft Ocean Breeze Reserve Master Plan (15mb).

The master planning has considered previous community feedback as well as the outcomes of more recent master plan specific engagement as the basis for draft site planning options that are responsive to the community’s vision for the reserve.

The draft master plan sets out three concept options for the future use of the reserve based on variations in the scale and range of facilities. Costs associated with the implementation of these facilities are not currently funded in Council’s long term financial plan.

The exhibition material can be viewed at Council’s Customer Service Centre, Lennox Head Library or online.

Provide feedback by:

  • Completing the Online Survey
  • Send a written submission to Ballina Shire Council, PO Box 450 Ballina NSW 2478

Enquiries: Matthew Wood, Manager Strategic Planning, Ph 6686 1284.

Submissions Close: Monday 2 October 2017.

Draft Amendment - Ballina Shire Plan of Management for Community Land Ocean Breeze Reserve Lennox Head

In association with the public exhibition of site planning options (concepts) for the Ocean Breeze Reserve Master Plan, Council is also proposing an amendment to the Ballina Shire Plan of Management for Community Land.

It is proposed that the Plan of Management for Community Land be amended in relation to the Ocean Breeze Reserve to insert a special provision in Section 5 of the management plan recognising the Ocean Breeze Reserve Master Plan.

The inclusion of the special provision in the management plan will have the effect of recognising that a master plan for the reserve has been prepared (once adopted by Council). It will also recognise that the master plan is the intended basis for ongoing site planning and works within Council’s formal management planning document for community land in the shire.

Enquiries: Matthew Wood, Manager Strategic Planning, Ph 6686 1284.

Submissions Close: Monday 2 October 2017.


Ballina Shire Development Control Plan 2012

Draft Amendment No.11 – General Amendments

Exhibition 30 August 2017 to 29 September 2017

Draft Amendment No.11 to the Ballina Shire Development Control Plan 2012 (BSDCP 2012) proposes changes to various controls including those relating to third storey/loft provisions associated with residential development, building design in the Lennox Head coastal hazard area, exterior materials permitted on industrial buildings, requirements for shade cover over play equipment in local parks and requirements for rural area dual occupancy development.

Further information regarding Draft Amendment No.11 may be obtained by downloading the documents below. Proposed amendments to development controls are highlighted in yellow.

Enquiries: Leah Toole, Strategic Planner, Ph 6686 1284.

Submissions close: Friday 29 September 2017.

Water Metering Policy (Review)

Enquiries:  Andrew Swan, Strategic Engineer - Water and Wastewater, Ph 6686 4444.

Submissions close: Wednesday 4 October 2017.

As part of the public consultation process, Council will also re-exhibit the Delivery Program/Operational Plan from September to October 2017.

Enquiries: Caroline Klose, Manager Communications | Linda Coulter, Manager Financial Services 1300 864 444.

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