Lake Ainsworth South Eastern Precinct Project

Works Program Update

Council received correspondence on 10 February 2017, from McCartney Young Lawyers, on behalf of Preserving Lake Ainsworth Inc, stating Class 4 Proceedings in the Land and Environment Court were to commence in respect to the Council’s planning approval relating to the landscaping and beautification works planned for the eastern side of Lake Ainsworth. This work also involves the closure of the eastern access road to the NSW Sport and Recreation Centre.

Council has reviewed this matter and accepts that there are differing legal opinions in respect to the existing planning approval and the merits of that approval are arguable in court.

As legal action would likely cost the community in excess of $100,000, even if Council was successful, Council will seek an updated planning approval to eliminate any technical points that may be subject to legal conjecture.

This process is expected to take a number of months, which means that the works in the eastern precinct will be deferred until that updated approval is obtained.

It is likely Council will expend somewhere between $20,000 to $50,000 from the project budget in obtaining additional consultancy reports to address the technical matters raised by McCartney Young Lawyers. 

In the interim Council is in the process of ensuring all appropriate planning approvals are in place for works to be undertaken in the southern precinct.

The timing of the actual commencement of the works on the eastern or southern precincts will be dependent on when all the necessary planning consents are in place.

Reviewed Thursday 2 March 2017.

Eastern road precinct (deferred)

Timeline: deferred until updated approval is obtained.
The road closure of the eastern road precinc will comprise water main relocation followed by path construction and landscaping. The path will be completed in sections to ensure the space is still accessible and usable for pedestrians. The additional amenities will include:
  • closure of the Lake Ainsworth eastern road to vehicles
  • 3m wide accessible pathway
  • BBQ facilities and picnic areas
  • sandstone block seats amongst some open spaces
  • increased grassed areas
  • improved stormwater quality management systems
  • restoring and revegetating of the eroded foreshore areas.

Budget:  $800,000 including roundabout (see below).

Southern road precinct

Timeline: TBA
  • formalisation of the carpark to create additional parking
  • restoration and revegetation of the eroded foreshore areas
Budget:  $900,000

Roundabout construction

Timeline: TBA
  • roundabout construction adjacent to the Lennox Head - Alstonville Surf Life Saving Club
  • architectural features for road and path surfacing.
Budget:  Included with Eastern Road (see above).

Further information

Contact Civil Services Group, Ph 6686 1497.



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