Ballina Indoor Sporting Centre

Ballina Shire Council has been working with the NSW Department of Education on a joint venture initiative to provide for an indoor sporting facility as part of the redevelopment of the Ballina High School.  Council and the Department of Education have planned for a four court indoor sporting centre for use by both the community and the school.

The basis for the joint venture is that Council and the Department of Education will provide the for equivalent of two sporting courts each to create a four court complex to meet community indoor sporting and high school operation needs.

Council formally considered the joint venture three times in 2016 and most recently resolved in December 2016 to proceed with the provision of the indoor sporting facility through the joint venture.

Planning for this facility is continuing as part of the overall redevelopment of the Ballina High School.  Further details about facility design, project timing and opportunities associated with the centre will become available over time.

Provision of an indoor sporting centre in Ballina is consistent with the Ballina Major Regional Centre Strategy (2016) which seeks to set a framework for the future of Ballina as a regional centre.  Provision of the centre is also consistent with various other policy documents and decisions of Council in relation to community facilities in the shire.

Planning for the centre has been ongoing for a number of years and has included extensive consideration of community need, potential facility locations, building designs and types, and financial factors.

Further Information  

Strategic and Community Facilities Group, Ph 6686 1284.

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