Ballina Marina Master Plan

The Ballina community has for many years expressed an interest in a greater range of marine infrastructure in Ballina.

Council is now developing a Ballina Marina Master Plan to encourage and guide redevelopment of the area commonly known as the Trawler Harbour site in West Ballina.

Since early last year, we have been investigating the establishment of a marina and potential land uses such as, residential redevelopment, a public esplanade, dry storage for boats, commercial areas and open recreational spaces.

The aim of the project is to encourage Government and private interest to consider the site for investment and redevelopment.

The current project plans have drawn on previous plans, detailed site assessments and feedback from the community and stakeholders.

Council has now published a draft master plan that outlines a proposed approach to land redevelopment and an associated economic feasibility assessment. 

Preparation of the master plan has been supported by funding from Transport for NSW under the Better Boating Program.

Council has now revised the master plan and supporting material in response to the submissions received during the public exhibition period.

These revised documents are listed below:


Public Exhibition - Ballina Marina Master Plan and Supporting Material

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