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Water Restrictions

NO water restrictions are currently in place.

Rous Water are the region's bulk water supplier and are responsible for managing such water sources as Rocky Creek Dam and Emigrant Creek Dam. Rocky Creek Dam is the main water source for Ballina Shire's urban residents, and other shires in the region.

During dry conditions Rocky Creek Dam water levels drop, sometimes resulting in the introduction of water restrictions to better enable the management of the region's water supply. Rous Water introduce restrictions when Rocky Creek Dam levels drop to 60% of capacity. Ballina Shire Council is responsible for enforcement of restrictions within Ballina Shire.

For more information visit the Rous Water website.

Voluntary Permanent Water Saving Measures

Rous Water and the Ballina, Byron, Lismore and Richmond Valley councils have introduced Voluntary Permanent Water Saving Measures for all town water users. All residents are encouraged to comply with these measures to ensure sustainable water use throughout the region.

For more information visit the Rous Water website where you will find the full list of water saving tips, a home water usage calculator and measures you can take to permanently save water in the areas of:

  • Outdoor watering
  • Cleaning vehicles and boats
  • Driveways paths and paved areas
  • Construction and general cleaning

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