A Brief History of Ballina Shire Council

Ballina Shire Council was formed from the amalgamation of the Ballina Municipal and Tintenbar Shire Councils. An interim Council was proclaimed by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Roden Cutler, on the 22nd October 1976 and published in Government Gazette No. 138, with the first meeting of the provisional Council held on the 27th October 1976 comprising the Councillors listed below.

Ballina Municipal Council

Tintenbar Shire Council

Jack Stuart Easter Harold Alexander Burnett
Robert Llewllyn Franklin Clifford James Burvill
Bryan William James Marriott Richard Malcolm Campbell
Raymond Lindsay O'Neill Graham James Ellis
Edward John Pickup Harold Edgar Gibson
Harold Robin Young Frederick Barrie Lancaster

The first meeting held on the 27th October 1976 was for the election of President and Deputy President, the appointment of principal officers, and such other matters as necessary to enable the Council to carry out its functions.

The interim Shire President was Richard Malcolm Campbell, and the interim Deputy President was Bryan Marriott. This interim Council operated for a period of nine(9) months until such time as a general election could be held.

The first general election was held on the 17th of September 1977, and the results were as follows:

First Councillors

A Riding

B Riding

C Riding

  Keith Barlow Clifford Burvill Harold Burnett
  Bryan Marriott Graham Ellis Douglas Jackwitz
  John Savage John Felsch Frederick Lancaster
First Shire President Graham Ellis    
First Deputy Shire President Bryan Marriott    
First Shire Clerk George Pearse    
First Deputy Shire Clerk Gary Faulks    

There were 7,741 votes cast in this election, with the count being by proportional representation, compared to 21.008 votes cast in the 2008 Council election.


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