Waste Collection - Common Questions

Why weren't my bins collected?

  • You may have put your bin out too late (bins should be out by 5am)
  • Your bin might be too heavy, our trucks can only lift up to 60 kg’s
  • Your bin might be overfull
  • Your bin is inaccessible (the truck is not able to gain access to the bin for some reason)
  • Your bin might be too far back from the kerb

When I move properties, do I take my bins with me?

As of 1 July 2011 council has supplied and maintained all waste bins.

If you purchased your bin before this period, you are welcome to take it with you when you move.

My bin has disappeared, what should I do?

Wait at least 24 hours as they have a habit of turning up.

If it doesn’t reappear, call the Waste Management Facility on 6686 1287 and they’ll help you organise a replacement.

My bin needs repairing, what should I do?

Call the Waste Management Facility on 6686 1287.

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