Planning Proposal BSCPP 14/008 – Burns Point Ferry Road, West Ballina

Council has prepared an amended planning proposal to amend the Ballina Local Environmental Plans 1987 and 2012 in respect to land described as Lot 4 DP 537419 and known as 550 to 578 River Street, West Ballina.

The planning proposal is being re-exhibited following the proponent submitting site structure and related plans which significantly changed the proposal as originally publically exhibited. Significant changes to the previously exhibited planning proposal include:

Limiting the location of the proposed additional permitted use of a restaurant or café, incorporating information and education facilities and a dwelling (interpretive centre) to a specific portion of the area proposed to be zoned RU2 located adjacent to Emigrant Creek.

Increasing the site area allocated to the proposed interpretive centre from 1,300m2 to

Restricting the area permitted for live – work development to only part of the area proposed to be zoned R2, as opposed to the previous proposal which sought to permit live – work development in all areas proposed to be zoned R2. Specifically, the area adjoining the Ballina Waterfront Village & Tourist Park is now proposed to have a single dwelling focus and will not be part of the live – work precinct.

Altering the live – work concept from one which would have permitted light industry, or business premises, other than funeral home, or office premises in conjunction with residential premises, to a concept based on permitting home businesses with a floor area of up to 120m2.

Council has also prepared draft amendments to Chapters 3 and 4 of the Ballina Shire Development Control Plan 2012 (DCP) to guide development within the proposed new subdivision. The draft DCP amendments incorporate provisions relating to the road network, including access points to Burns Point Ferry Road and River Street and additional on-street car parking requirements; and specific controls relating to the design of live – work development, noise controls and operating hours.

Council has been given delegation by the Department of Planning and Environment to undertake the processes for finalization of the planning proposal (should it proceed to completion).



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