Animal Shelter

Council's Animal Shelter is located at 59 Piper Drive, North Ballina and cares for and re-homes lost and abandoned dogs and cats. The Rangers ensure that every attempt is made to re-home animals that have a friendly nature and disposition suitable to settling into a good new home.

The shelter is not permanently staffed and an appointment must be made with the Rangers for collection and release of animals from the shelter.

Enquiries: Ballina Shire Council, ph 6686 1210 (open 8.15am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday)
Enquiries after hours: Ph 6626 6954 After Hours Monitoring Service and a message will be forwarded to the Ranger on call.

To view the animals that have overstayed their welcome at the Pound and are now in the care of Northern Rivers Animal Services (NRAS) please contact NRAS on 6681 1860 or click on the Animals for Sale web page.

Impounded Animals

If you wish to confirm any information relating to a missing animal that may have been impounded please contact Ballina Shire Council on 6686 1210 from 8.15am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. During weekends, public holidays and after hours please contact Council’s After Hours Monitoring Service on 6626 6954 and a message will be forwarded with your details to the Ranger on call.

Or go to the Have you lost or found an animal? link to enter details of a missing animal and to view animals currently impounded by Council. The information contained on this site is provided as a community service by Ballina Shire Council. This page is regularly updated however there may be occasions when this information is not current due to technical problems.

Owners are responsible for their animal in relation to the Companion Animals Act and Companion Animals Regulation and may be liable for any breaches that may have occurred in relation to the Act.

Dogs and cats are kept at the Ballina Shire Council Impounding Facility for a minimum of 14 days for an animal that has been microchipped and a minimum of 7 days for animals without microchips. Council officers will make every effort to find the owner of the dog or cat and arrange for the owner to collect it.

Please contact Ballina Shire Council on 6686 1210 for costs associated with releasing an animal. If you are a resident of NSW, you will also be required to microchip and register your dog if not already registered.

Current List



Impounding Fee First Offence

Impounded and released same day


Impounded and stayed overnight


Plus each night in addition to first night


Impounding Fee Second and Subsequent Offence

Impounded and released same day


Impounded and stayed overnight


Plus each night in addition to first night


Microchipping of impounded animals


For Registration fees click here


An animal may be recorded with a description that differs from the owners view of how the animal should be described. For example, the breed or colour descriptions may differ. If there is any uncertainty the most accurate way for a pet owner to determine whether an animal is being held by Council is to contact the Ranger on 6686 1210.

Council shall not be liable for any claim, demand, action, loss or damage of any kind arising out of the description of any animal kept at the Ballina Shire Council Pound Facility.

Ballina Shire Council does not accept any responsibility for matters arising from the use of the information contained on this site.

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