View Building and Development Application Files

The Document Delivery Portal (DDP) delivers electronic information about building and development application files directly to our customers. Lodging a request for information and the viewing of the information can be done via the DDP at any time and without the need to leave your home or office. 
Council’s Records team will receive your request, source the information from Council’s archive, scan the files and load the information to the DDP. You will receive an email notification with a link to the information when it is ready to view. 
IMPORTANT : An Owners Consent Form (available below) must be completed by the property owner and uploaded at the time of lodging the request. You can provide your own Owners Consent however it must contain all the required information. If we don't receive the owners consent, or receive an incomplete owners consent,  we cant process the application.

How do I take advantage of this service ?

  1. Download and print the Owners Consent Form below
  2. Complete ALL required details on the form
  3. Click the "Application to View BA/DA Documents" link below
  4. Complete the application, ensuring you scan and upload the completed Owners Consent Form 
  5. Click "Submit"
Wherever possible, BA and DA files will be scanned and the information forwarded to you via the DDP, however if the request involves a number of files or a large quantity of information you may need to attend Council to view the hard copy records.
The delivery time for the information is seven working days from lodgement of the request. 
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