Recycling Bin


What can be recycled?

  • milk and juice containers
  • paper and cardboard
  • ALL glass and crockery
  • ALL plastic containers
  • plastic bags and soft plastics bagged
  • white polystyrene bagged
  • aluminium cans, clean foil, steel cans, aerosol spray cans and dry paint tins
  • hard plastics such as children's toys and plastic tableware
  • small plastics such as bread tags and straws bagged
  • resource recovery collection satchels
  • Guidelines for your recycling bin

What can't be recycled?

  • scrap metal and appliances
  • garden organics, foodscraps and food-soiled cardboard (these go in the green organics bin)
  • string, rope and electrical cable
  • PVC pipe
  • any type of hosing
  • macadamia harvest discs
  • any brittle plastics
  • toys containing non-plastic material ie metal
  • vacuum cleaner tubing
  • car bumper bars

Still not sure where it goes? Use the Northern Rivers A-Z Guide to find out which bin is right for your waste item. 

Resource Recovery Satchel

Place these items in your resource recovery collection satchel and then put in your recycling bin:

  • household batteries
  • reading glasses
  • printer cartridges
  • CDs and DVDs
  • X-rays
  • wine corks

These free satchels are available for collection from customer service outlets such as the Libraries, the Waste Centre, Council Customer Service Centre and Council Community Facilities. 

In June 2017, every urban household within the shire received a recovery satchel in their mailbox. This was part of a campaign to boost recyling and give our shire's waste a second chance! Media release - Give your waste a second chance - 8 June 2017


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