Public Notification of Development Applications

Council's Development Control Plan (DCP) 2012 Chapter 1 Clause 3.2.4 addresses the public notification process including what developments are likely to be advertised or publicly notified. The exhibition process can involve a combination of the types of notification. These can include targeted letters to neighbours and/or the advertising of a development in local papers in conjunction with a sign being erected on the subject property.

Typical applications involving some form of notification may include applications where there may be significant impacts with view loss, privacy, bulk and/or scale issues. Variations to Council's DCP such as Building Lines, Building Setbacks and Building Height Planes may include targeted notification by Council where a neighbour or nearby resident may be adversely affected.

Many of Council’s routine Development Applications such as single dwellings, strata dual occupancies, rural worker’s dwellings and secondary dwellings are generally not publicly notified or advertised as stated in DCP 2012.

To view Ballina's Combined Development Control Plan click here.

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