Registering your pets

Having your cat or dog microchipped and registered helps Council return your pet to you if it is lost.

Registering your cat or dog in NSW is a two-step process. The first step involves ensuring that your cat or dog is microchipped by 12 weeks of age or before being sold or given away.

The second step involves lifetime registering your cat or dog with a local council before it is six months of age. This enables you to have your cat or dog desexed before registration, so that you can pay the lower lifetime registration. If you have any questions about microchipping and the registration process please refer to the flyer below or contact Council’s Development and Environmental Health Group on 6686 1210. 

2018/19 Lifetime Registration Fees 

(fees increase with CPI from 1 July each year)


Non-desexed dog/cat


Desexed dog/cat
(sterilisation certificate or statutory declaration required)


Animal under 6 months not desexed


Desexed dog/cat owned by Pensioner
(sterilisation certificate or statutory declaration & pension card required)


Dog Owned by Registered Breeder


Pound/Shelter animal 50% discount (desexed)


Recognised Assistance Animal (Guide Dog)


Working dogs and greyhounds registered with the Greyhound Racing Authority Act 1985 are not required to be microchipped and registered. Note: Working dog means a dog used primarily for the purposing of droving, tending, working or protecting stock.


All dogs must have a collar around their neck and there must be a name tag that shows the name of the dog and address or telephone number of the owner of the dog.

All cats must either wear a collar around their neck with tag identifying name of cat and address or telephone number of owner of cat or a microchip.

These only apply whilst the animal is not on the property of which the owner is the occupier.

Further information

Council's Development and Environmental Health Group, ph 6686 1210.

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