Shire Wide Strategic Plans and Policies

Council has a number of shire-wide strategic plans and policies that provide the framework for Council's consideration of broad land use planning issues and long term planning.

Ballina Shire Koala Management Strategy

Incorporating the Ballina Shire Core Koala Habitat (CKPoM) Comprehensive Plan of Management, the strategy seeks to achieve a self-sustaining long-term koala population in Ballina Shire. 

Strategy adopted by Council March 2016 and CKPoM approved by the Department of Planning in July 2017.

Our Community : Our Culture
Ballina Shire Cultural Plan 2014 - 2020

Emphasises strengthening the visibility of our local cultural attributes and the opportunities for both Council and the community to develop and hold cultural activity across our Shire.

Ballina Shire Growth Management Strategy (2012)

Documents Council's framework for managing population and employment growth in Ballina Shire, with respect to residential, commercial and industrial development opportunities, over the planning period of 2012-2031.

The Department of Planning & Infrastructure has endorsed the strategy (letter dated May 2013), with the exception of land at North Ballina located opposite Richmond Christian College on the old Pacific Highway (Tamarind Drive).

Ballina Shire Affordable Housing Strategy (2010)

Outlines Council's approach to affordable housing in Ballina Shire.



People, Place, Prosperity:
A Framework for a more sustainable Ballina Shire 2025 (2006)

The purpose of the Ballina Shire Sustainability Strategy 2025 (BSSS) is to distil the social, environmental and economic aspirations of the shire community into a vision for sustainability and a plan of implementation to 2025. Council’s current Community Strategic Plan 2010/25 incorporates the foundations of the Sustainability Framework. 

Ballina Retail Strategy (2003)

Outlines Council's planning strategy for retail development in the shire.



Page updated August 2014

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