Signage on Footpaths - Sandwich Boards and A-Frames

The requirements for the display of signage in Ballina Shire are covered under Council’s Development Control Plan 2012, Chapter 8 – Other Uses - Section 3.4 Signage.

Free standing signboards are restricted to:

  • one sign per premises
  • a maximum area of 1.5m2 and
  • must be located wholly on private land.

Free standing signs are prohibited on public land including footpaths.

The only structures that can be situated on a public footpath are Council street furniture and temporary structures in areas authorised by Council with a Commercial Use of Footpaths Approval.

Council Rangers conduct routine inspections across the Shire to ensure compliance with these requirements.

It is an offence to place a free standing signboard (A-frame sign) on public land within the Shire and a penalty infringement notice (PIN) may be issued and/or the offending signage may be removed and impounded by Council’s Rangers. 

Businesses wishing to use public land for commercial purposes must submit a Commercial Use of Footpaths application form to Council’s Strategic and Community Facilities Group for consideration prior to an approval being issued. Download a copy of the Commercial use of Footpaths Policy.

Further Information

Compliance Matters Ballina Shire Council Rangers, Ph 1300 864 444.
Approvals and Policy enquiries Strategic and Community Facilities Group, Ph 1300 864 444.

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