Where does your waste go?


Where your recycled waste goes

Currently all recycling items go to Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre for recycling.

It then follows these steps:

  1. Pre-sort: Staff manually remove bagged plastic bags and polystyrene, Resource Recovery Collection Satchels and contamination (waste).
  2. Star screen sorting: A series of large, star-shaped rotating discs propel bulky paper and cardboard forward while smaller items fall through to the next conveyor.
  3. Glass screen: Glass is separated, allowing it to fall through to the glass imploder, while other items continue along the conveyors.
  4. Newsprint screen: Smaller rotating discs separate newsprint while heavier items fall through to the conveyors.
  5. Mixed paper screen: Other paper is separated.
  6. Manual paper sort: Small paper items such as envelopes are removed.
  7. Magnets: A rotating magnet picks up steel.
  8. Manual plastic sort: Hard plastics are manually removed. 
  9. Eddy current: An electromagnet field repels aluminium off the conveyor belt. 
  10. Any material still left on the conveyor falls into a waste bin which then goes through the process again to ensure all recoverable materials are removed. 

Where does your organics waste go?

Currently everything you put in your green organics bin goes to Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre for composting. This waste  gets turned into fertilizer and therefore must be able to decompose. This is why the organics bin is a weekly service. At the Lismore facility they close the loop turning organic material collected from homes into nutrient-rich BIOcycle compost for local farms and backyard gardens.

  1. Once kerbside organics bins are brought to the facility, the material is stockpiled into rows on the composting pad where they break down into rich compost over a period of at least three months.
  2. The composted material is then graded and screened to remove plastics and other inorganic materials. If people have been placing plastics or inorganics materials in their bins, this then becomes a very time-consuming process to remove.
  3. They then make beautiful organic compost and the least contaminants the better. Residents need to ensure they use the 3-bin system properly and only place organic materials in your green organics bin.

Where your mixed waste goes

Currently everything you put in the red lidded bin goes to Ballina Waste Management Centre. It is then bulk hauled to a licensed landfill for disposal. Your mixed waste bin should only be used to dispose of small household rubbish items that cannot be composted or recycled.


Need a reminder of what goes where? Use the Waste A-Z guide to find out which bin is right for your waste item. 


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