Backyard Burning

Safety is paramount.

For the safety of our community and the preservation of public health and the environment guidelines must be followed when burning off.

Burning of vegetation in urban areas causes air pollution and has health implications for some people. Council's Backyard Burning Policy seeks to address this issue.

Reviewed and amended in 2019, the Policy is enforceable under the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulations 2010. Penalties apply for breaches of the regulation.

Before lighting a fire please ensure you contact Fire and Rescue NSW  or NSW Rural Fire Service to determine if a fire permit is required. Fire Permits,  Before You Light that Fire and Standards for Pile Burning provide information on permits and steps that need to be taken before using fire on your property along with advice on how to conduct a pile burn to reduce potential impacts.  

NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW Rural Fire Service will not grant permits contrary to Council's policy.

There are exemptions which allow you to still roast marshmallows and watch the bush telly. The policy includes exemptions that allow you to have a fire for agricultural operations, bushfire hazard reduction, barbeques and for recreation. You just need to make sure that your burning minimises air pollution.

If thinking about having a fire, especially in urban areas, please refer to Council's:

Maps of restricted backyard burning areas (updated May 2019) can be downloaded below.

For further information or to report breaches please contact Council’s Planning and Environmental Health Division on 02 6686 1210 or email

Note: There is an obligation under the legislation on everyone to minimise air pollution with any burning off. 

Backyard Burning - Restricted Area Maps

Download your local area map to view restricted backyard burning areas

Alstonville Lennox Head
Ballina Island Wardell
East Ballina Wollongbar
West Ballina Ballina Heights


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