Mixed Waste Bin

What goes in my mixed waste bin?

Your mixed waste bin should only be used to dispose of small household rubbish items that cannot be composted or recycled.

Such as:

  • plate glass
  • personal hygiene and medical waste (no sharps)
  • disposable nappies
  • scrap metal and appliances
  • rope, string and electric cable
  • pet droppings in a plastic bag

Still not sure what goes where? Use the Northern Rivers Waste A-Z guide to find out which bin is right for your waste item. 

What can't go in my mixed waste bin?

No hazardous materials such as batteries, paint, gas cylinders, large amounts of soil or building materials

Where does it go?

Currently everything you put in the red lidded bin goes to Ballina Waste Management Centre. It is then bulk hauled to a licensed landfill for disposal.


The best thing we can all do is avoid, reduce, re-use and recycle our waste. To do this, follow the tips below, make sure all your organic waste goes in the green organics bin and buy products that can be recycled.


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