Picture of Madeira Vine (anredera cordifolia)

Weeds are basically plants that are growing in the wrong place and should not be there. Weeds have come about from agricultural and ornamental plantings gone wrong that have spread from the scene of planting. Weeds can spread via multiple pathways that include birds, bats, shoes, cars, wind, water and gravity.

Weeds these days infest virtually every known vegetation community and agricultural crop. Weeds can live in the water and on the land. Weeds manage to destroy native bushland and wetland areas decreasing the areas biodiversity through displacing our native flora and fauna.

Weeds cost land managers and land owners large resources to remove and try and eradicate them. Volunteers spend thousands of hours annually removing weeds from bushland areas to bring back the Australian bush, the rainforest we like to walk through and the animal life, be it birds, butterflies or sugar gliders that depend on their local food source.

Think native when planting and preferably only use local native plant species.

Visit the Bushland Friendly Nursery Scheme website to view environmental weed species and the Far North Coast Weeds Authority website to view noxious weeds.

For information of particular weed species found in the Ballina Shire area, please view the following:

Asparagus Fern Billy Goat Weed
Broad Leafed Pepper Tree Canna Lily
Cocos Palm Duranta
Golden Rain Tree Mother in Laws Tongue


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