Weddings in Ballina Shire

If you would like to have your wedding ceremony on land managed by Council such as parks, beaches and headlands, then you need to make written application to Council.

Application can be made on the Wedding Booking Form below or in a letter or email and should include your wedding date, time and duration of the ceremony, venue, approximate number of guests and your address and contact details.

A $76 non refundable administration fee should accompany your written application (2019/20 fee - fees subject to change from 1 July each year).

Most parks and beaches are suitable and some popular locations for weddings include:

  • Boulder Beach and Headland
  • Richmond River Lighthouse, East Ballina
  • Seven Mile Beach.

However, weddings are not permitted in Fawcett Park (including the wharf area), Ballina.

Mowing of these areas occurs on a regular cycle and cannot be changed to accommodate special requests. Council does not mow the Boulders Beach headland, nor does it give permission for it to be mown as endangered grass species grow in this area.

A 2 hour time block is allocated for each ceremony to allow for set up, photography and clean up. You may use chairs, decorations and small domestic scale shade structures.

The consent to conduct your wedding on public land does not provide you with exclusive use of the area and you cannot exclude others from using the area. It does give you the right to conduct your wedding ahead of someone who has not obtained consent.

Should you wish to erect a marquee or hold your reception on public land you will need to complete an Event on Public Land application form and the event will be subject to additional fees. However, it is unlikely that approval would be given for such an event on the beaches, headlands or coastal reserves.

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