Bike Plan

The development of a Ballina Shire Council Bike Plan has been undertaken to make Ballina Shire a bicycle-friendly environment and to better integrate cycling as an active transport option into our existing transport network.  It also provides a coordinated and strategic approach to delivering bicycle infrastructure and education across the Shire.

The development of the Ballina Shire Council Bike Plan aligns with Council’s Community Strategic Plan (2013-2023) to provide a more connected community, a healthy community and a healthy environment.

Development of the Plan is also a commitment of Council’s Road Safety Strategy (2014/15-2023/24) and is needed in order to improve path connectivity within our Shire and with neighbouring local government areas, while maximising opportunities to separate cyclists and pedestrians from traffic.

The Ballina Shire Council Bike Plan will ensure existing network commitments, including the Coastal Recreational Path and Shared Path, the NSW Coastline Cycleway, and shared path projects detailed in the Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP) (currently under review), form part of a well-planned bicycle network. 

The Plan has four main areas of focus, including:

  • Shared path connections within and between towns in the Shire
  • Safety for cyclists
  • Cycling support facilities, such as signs, lighting, bike parking areas and
  • Promotion of cycling in the community.

The Plan includes a review of existing shared path networks in Alstonville, Ballina Island, East Ballina and West Ballina, Cumbalum, Lennox Head, Skennars Head, Wardell, and Wollongbar.  New shared paths are also identified in the Plan.

The Ballina Shire Council Bike Plan includes a prioritised and costed works program for all identified actions, and is linked to the recurrent budget allocation for shared paths in the capital works program.

The Plan also identifies additional potential funding partners and streams to deliver the Implementation Plan and Schedule of Works, enabling Council to maximise funding opportunities.

Further information: Helen Carpenter, Road Safety Officer, Phone 6686 4444.

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