Building Height

Building heights within the Shire are contained within the “Height of Buildings” map under the Ballina Shire Local Environmental Plan (BLEP), Clause 4.3 “Height of Buildings”.

The permissible building height throughout the Shire varies for commercial and residential zoned areas.

To verify the permissible height for your development, you may wish to navigate the NSW Legislation website, locate the BLEP and identify the relevant “Height of Buildings Map”. Alternatively, you may wish to contact Council’s Building Services or Development Services sections who have all the allotment building heights electronically mapped on our GIS system, ph 02 6686 1415.

The maximum building height is measured vertically from existing natural ground levels to the overall building height. Variations to this height will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and where a written application is made in accordance with the BLEP. Such request may also be referred to the NSW Director for Planning for their comment/concurrence.

Aside from the permissible height limits contained within the BLEP, with a submitted development application to Council, our staff are required to consider Clause 79(C) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act in respect to the consideration of any impacts a building height may have.

The NSW State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) for “Exempt and Complying Development” contains specific height provisions for specific single and two storey housing which override Council’s BLEP requirements. For further information, contact our Building Services section on 02 6686 1415.


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