Big Scrub Rainforest

The “Big Scrub” was once a vast subtropical lowland rainforest covering approximately 75,000 hectares and is associated with the Mount Warning Volcanics. The area to which the “Big Scrub” rainforest once existed stretched from Meerschaum Vale to the south to Lismore and Dunoon in the west, north to Byron Bay and east to the edge of the coastal plain. Today after broad scale land clearing since the 1840’s from cedar getters and settlers only approximately 300 hectares of its original vegetation exists as tiny remnants, which is less than 1% of the “Big Scrub” area.

These scattered and isolated rainforest remnants are of regional and national conservation significance supporting a multitude of endemic flora and fauna species. Many of these are threatened species. Many of the major remnants are also now listed on Interim Register of the National Estate with the northern rivers area renowned for its high biodiversity.

Ballina Shire is fortunate to contain some of these rare fragments of the Big Scrub lowland subtropical rainforest. Ballina Shire Council and many other public and private landowners have been busy restoring these remnants to their former glory through reducing weed threats and conserving them for future generations.

Ballina Shire Council Big Scrub remnants:

  • Dalwood Reserve
  • Duck Creek
  • Duck Creek Reserve
  • Killen Falls Reserve
  • Lumley Park Reserve
  • Maquires Creek Reserve
  • Willowbank Reserve
  • Wollongbar Reserve
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