Removing a tree or shrub

On Public Land

If you are concerned about the condition of a tree or shrub on public land*, or believe it may cause damage to persons or property, please contact Ballina Shire Council to report your concerns.

Council has fully trained staff to properly assess vegetation and arrange for removal and/or pruning where required.

Do NOT attempt to remove or prune the tree or shrub yourself. To do so could result in further action being taken by Council.

* Public land includes parks, reserves, nature strips, road verges and bushland under the control and management of Council.

On Private Land

Different rules apply in different parts of the Shire depending on the zoning of the land under the applicable local environmental plan.  In general, consent may be required for the removal of large trees in urban areas and for the clearing of native vegetation in rural and environmental protection areas.  Further advice should be obtained prior to commencing any work on private land that is likely to impact on native or non-native vegetation (including noxious weeds).  Contact Council's Development and Environmental Health Group for further information on what rules apply to vegetation on your land and whether or not a development approval is required, Ph 6686 1254.

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