Lake Ainsworth Blue Green Algae Status




Amber Alert restrictions on recreational use of the Lake as at 19 March 2018

Slicks and scums have been observed and these areas of concentrated cyanobacteria should be avoided.


A Red Level Action Mode is in place when >50,000 cells of Microcystis aeruginosa are present or a biovolume of all toxin producing cyanobacteria exceeds 4 mm3/L or if the total of all cyanobacteria (toxic and non toxic) exceeds 10 mm3/L or scums are present for long periods. At Red Mode, local and health authorities should be contacted to assess risks to recreational users and appropriate measures should be taken to warn water users.
Water should not be used for primary recreation.


Amber Level Alert Mode is triggered when Microcystis aeruginosa concentrations are between 5000 and 50,000 cells/mL or the biovolume of all cyanobacteria is between 0.4 and 4mm3/L. At this alert level investigations into the causes and increased sampling of algae should be undertaken.


Green Level occurs above 5000 cells/mL of Microcystis aeruginosa or >0.04 mm3/L of total cyanobacterial biovolume but below the Amber alert level. At this level routine sampling for algae should be undertaken.

No restrictions on recreational use of the Lake.

Lake users should note any signage at the site and should report any sign of algae which may appear like a green paint spill on the surface of the water to Ballina Shire Council's Environmental Health Unit.

Enquiries: Development and Environmental Health Group, Ph 02 6686 1210.

Algal Information Line: 1800 999 457

To report algal blooms after hours 02 6626 6954


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