Disposing of soil

This page provides waste classification information to suppliers or generators of soil to be disposed at the Ballina Waste Management Centre. Ballina Waste Management Centre is licensed to accept general solid waste only.

Waste type Waste code Description of material
Virgin excavated natural material VENM

Virgin Excavated Natural Material that is not mixed with any other waste (clay, gravel, sand, soil and rock) and that

(a) has been excavated from areas that are not contaminated, as the result of industrial, commercial, mining or agricultural activities, with manufactured chemicals and does not contain sulfidic ores or soils, or


(b) consists of excavated natural materials that meet such criteria as may be approved by the EPA.

Soil SOIL Examples: clay, sand, topsoil. Excluding: contaminated soil and VENM
Contaminated soil CONT Soil that is contaminated either as a result of being mixed with building and demolition waste or as a result of previous land use activities and is not suitable for reuse. Excludes soil contaminated with asbestos.

Asbestos cannot be accepted at the Ballina Waste Management Centre. Penalties of up to $7,500 apply for disposal of soil or waste containing asbestos.

Classifying your waste

The waste classification depends on the location and type of site the material has come from.

All waste must comply with the general solid waste requirements of the NSW EPA Waste Classification Guidelines Part 1: Classifying waste. Waste generators need to follow the steps outlined in this guideline until the waste classification has been established under a particular step.

Many commonly generated waste types have been pre-classified by the NSW EPA. If your waste can be pre-classified, laboratory testing is usually not required.

Care must be taken to ensure that no asbestos is associated with waste material. Asbestos impacted material is classified as special waste and must be managed accordingly.

The specific requirements for accepting excavated material (soils) are as follows.

EPA Waste Code Description Documentation Application Required Disposal Charge 2019/20
VENM Virgin excavated natural material VENM Certificate YES Free
SOIL Clean clay, sand, topsoil (not VENM or Contaminated) Laboratory analysis to confirm meets general solid waste criteria. YES $104/T
CONT Soil that contains any waste (plastic, concrete, metals, vegetation, rubble etc) Nil NO $276/T

Testing and applications

Council has developed the below factsheets for each of the three soil classifications to provide specific information on the testing requirements and application process.

  • Soil waste classification

    The soil waste classification (SOIL) is used to define waste that comprises well sorted soil such as clay, sand or silt only. That is, it doesn’t contain other material such as vegetation, rocks, or man-made items such as concrete, rubble or other mixed waste.

    Download factsheet
  • Contaminated soil waste classification

    The contaminated soil waste classification (CONT) is defined as soil that is contaminated and not suitable for reuse. This classification does not apply to soil contaminated with asbestos.

    Download factsheet
  • Virgin Excavated Natural Material (VNM) classification

    Virgin Excavated Natural Material is defined as natural material (such as clay, gravel, sand, soil or rock fines):

    1. that has been excavated or quarried from areas that are not contaminated with manufactured chemicals, or with

    process residues, as a result of industrial, commercial, mining or agricultural activities and

    2. that does not contain any sulfidic ores or soils or any other waste.

    This includes excavated natural material that meet such criteria as may be approved by the NSW EPA.

    Download factsheet

More Information

Contact Ballina Shire Council's Waste Management Centre

Opening Hours: 8.00am - 4.00pm 7 days (excluding Public Holidays)

Location: 167 Southern Cross Drive, Ballina (in Ballina's Industrial Estate)

Phone: 02 6686 1287


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