Dog prohibited areas

Under the Act dogs are not permitted in the following public places:

  • In or within 10m of any children's play areas
  • Food preparation or consumption areas (unless it is in a public thoroughfare such as a road, footpath or pathway)
  • Recreation areas where dogs are declared prohibited
  • School grounds (unless with the permission of the person controlling the school)
  • Child care centres (unless with the permission of the person controlling the centre)
  • Shopping areas where dogs are prohibited (unless secured in a vehicle, with the permission of the person controlling the place or going to or from a vet or pet shop)
  • Wildlife protection areas.

Council can elect not to permit dogs in particular recreation areas, public bathing areas, and shopping centres.

Outdoor Dining Areas

Under Section 14A of the Act, in summary dogs are not prohibited in outdoor dining areas in certain circumstances.

Dogs are generally allowed with the permission of the restaurateur, in outdoor dining areas as long as the dog is:

  • under the effective control of some competent person and is restrained by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog, and
  • the person does not feed the dog or permit the dog to be fed, and
  • the dog is kept on the ground

Further Information

Council's Development and Environmental Health Group, Ph 6686 1210.

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