Lennox Village Vision: Phase One - Community Priorities for Lennox Village Centre

Ballina Shire Council has commenced the Lennox Village Vision: The Future of Lennox Head Village Centre (LVV) project. The LVV project seeks to gather community feedback on issues and ideas for the Lennox Head village centre.  The information gathered through this process will be used to guide Council decision making in regard to the future planning and development of the village centre’s public domain. 

LVV Community Survey

Thank you for providing feedback in our online survey. This survey concluded in June 2018 and results can be viewed below:


There have been a number of site investigations over the years regarding redevelopment concepts and upgrade works for the public domain in the main street and village centre of Lennox Head. 
These have included the:
  • Lennox Head Village Centre Master Plan 1997
  • Lennox Head Community Aspirations Strategic Plan 2002
  • Lennox Head Village Master Plan Project 2003
  • Lennox Head Foreshore Master Plan 2011.
Most recently design work was undertaken during 2016 and 2017 by Council to progress consideration of a main street upgrade for Lennox Head. This involved consultation with a number of Lennox Head based community groups to determine if the older design concepts still align with the community expectations. It was highlighted through this process that a number of design features included in the older plans need reconsideration. 
The LVV project seeks to progress this work by facilitating wider community engagement. Feedback received though this engagement will provide a basis for decision making in relation to future planning and development in the Lennox Head village centre, particularly with respect to future master planning and design works for the public domain. 

 The LVV (phase 1) will focus on

  • Collating previous site investigations 
  • Facilitating additional community engagement to gather feedback on key issues and concept ideas for the public domain in the Lennox Head village centre 
  • Confirming preferred renewal design ideas for the Lennox Head village centre 
  • Providing a basis for decision making in relation to future planning and development in the Lennox Head village centre.

 Community Engagement Phase 1

Community Engagement Phase 1 of the LVV commenced in March 2018 and has so far involved initial meetings with a number of peak Lennox Head community groups. These groups included the Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce, the Lennox Head Residents Association and the Lennox Head Combined Sports Association.
It is expected that the engagement phase of the LVV will progress over the coming months. The community engagement will include a community survey that will be made available to the wider Lennox Head community.  

Study Area

The LVV study area is bounded to the east by the beach foreshore and residences, to the north and south by residential areas and to the west by Williams Reserve.  

Streetscape Design

Council has prepared designs for the main street of the Lennox Head village centre to assist the community discussions on the LVV project. One is based on a two way traffic flow. The other based on a one way traffic flow with Park Lane one way northbound and Ballina Street one way south bound. A number of benefits and constraints for each design are also listed for consideration.

Lennox Village Vision Concepts

Mock ups of preliminary concepts have been prepared to assist the community discussions on the LVV project. This includes six concepts that seek to provide visual representation of a number of elements that are emerging as key considerations in ongoing discussions regarding the LVV project.

Lennox Village Vision booklet

The Lennox Village Vision booklet is compliation of the information described above, and includes concept images, streetscape designs and project timelines. 

Further information

To keep up to date with the Lennox Village Vision Project telephone Council's Strategic and Community Facilities Group 6686 1284 to add your details to the mailing list. 


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