Wollongbar 2038

Are you a resident, a business owner, a farmer or a frequent visitor with an interest in Wollongbar and what the future holds?  
How would you like your place to change and develop over the next 20 years?
What sorts of things would you like to see happen? 
Do you like Wollongbar as it is? Or do you think there is room for new plans?

During 2017 Council sought feedback from the Wollongbar community on what it was like to live in Wollongbar and the things the community valued about their environment.

We have used the feedback that you provided and prepared the draft Wollongbar Planning and Environmental Study and draft Strategic Plan 2018 – 2038.

The above documents were authorised for public exhibition by the Council at its Ordinary Meeting on 26 July 2018. The public exhibition period commences on 22 August 2018 and ends on 2 November 2018. The public exhibition period is an opportunity to let Council know what you think.

The exhibition documents may be accessed by clicking onto the images below. A copy of the report considered by the Council on 26 July 2018 may be accessed from the following link July 2018 Council Report.









2017 Community Consultation 

Pre-study community consultation was undertaken in Wollongbar in the period April to June 2017. Results from this initial community engagement have been compiled into a booklet which may be accessed by clicking on the image below. 

Strategic Planning Information

Information Sheets has been prepared to help explain the Wollongbar Strategic Planning Project.

A presentation is also available for viewing which provides the context to this project and examines some of the more major issues likely to be encountered in the period to 2038.

Project Presentation 

Community Survey

After you have had a look at the strategic planning documents on exhibition please take the time to complete a short survey to provide feedback on the draft vision for Wollongbar to 2038 and the suggested strategic actions.

Complete the Wollongbar Community Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Want to talk to someone? 

Please call 1300 864 444 and ask for a member of the Wollongbar Futures Team. Are you a member of a community or service club? Why not request a briefing from a Council Planner at your next meeting? 

Wollongbar 2038

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where is the project up to?

April – May 2017
Wollongbar 2038 pre-study community consultation

June 2017 – April 2018
Research and preparation of draft documents

July 2018
Councillor briefing and report to the Council

August - November 2018
Document exhibition and Phase 2 community consultation

November 2018
Consideration of community feedback

December 2018
Final Wollongbar strategy reported to Council

Document Downloads

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