Organics Bin

What can you put in your organics bin?

  • Food Scraps: fruit, vegetable, meat, bread, pasta, rice (food can be wrapped in newspaper)
  • Garden Waste: grass clippings, leaves, flowers, weeds, twigs, small branches
  • Soiled paper and cardboard
  • Small timber off-cuts (untreated)
Everything that goes into this bin gets turned into fertilizer and therefore must be able to decompose. This is why the organics bin is a weekly service.

What can't you put in your organics bin?

  • Plastic, 'degradable or 'biodegradable' bags
  • Treated timber
  • 'Biodegradable' coffee cups
  • Soil (large amounts)
  • Nappies (even compostable) place these in your mixed waste bin.\

Still not sure what goes where? Use the Northern Rivers Waste A-Z guide to find out which bin is right for your waste item. 


  • Store food waste in freezer until the night before pick up
  • Wrap food waste in newspaper
  • Line the bottom of your 240L bin with newspaper to prevent food and garden waste sticking to the bin
  • Keep bin in a shady and well ventilated area – especially over summer
  • Try layering your food waste then garden waste in your bin

Compostable Bags

Compostable Bags (must be Australian standard: AS 4736) - Australasian Bioplastics Association This means they break down within a 12 week composting period. Compostable bags are available at the following retail outlets:

  • Richies IGA Ballina
  • Bunnings
  • Nourish Bulk Health Organic (Wigmore Arcade, River St, Ballina)
  • Envirogreen Australia (North Creek Rd, Ballina)
  • Lennox Head IGA
  • Wollongbar IGA
  • West Ballina Spar

Alternatively you can buy compost bags online or from suppliers directly.


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