Council Committees

Standing Committees

Council has four Standing Committees, as follows:

Commercial Services Committee introduces, evaluates and reviews commercial dealings and operations of Council, with the aim of any commercial activity being the provision of supplementary revenue streams that assist Council in the delivery of services to the community.

Environmental & Sustainability Committee considers land use planning matters of a strategic and regulatory nature.

Facilities Committee  provides strategic input into the facilitation and construction of major community facilities.

Finance Committee considers financial matters of a strategic nature including Council’s annual budget deliberations.

The above four Committees have no delegated authority and minutes are submitted to Council for confirmation.

Reserve Trust – considers crown land matters where Council is the appointed Trust Manager. This Committee has delegated authority to determine matters where Council is the Reserve Trust Manager for the land.

Reference Groups

Council has one Reference Group, which involves community participation, as follows:

Access Reference Group to identify the major access needs of different disability groups in the Ballina Shire and to make recommendations to Council to resolve identified issues in priority order.

Enquiries relating to this Reference Group can be obtained from Council’s Strategic and Community Facilities Group on 6686 1284.

Ward Committees

Council's area is divided into three Wards. Each Ward is represented by its own Ward Committee. The Ward Committees are designed to provide Council with feedback and policy advice on matters referred by Council and/or raised by members on behalf of their community. The Ward committees have no delegated authority and minutes are distributed to members for confirmation at the next meeting.

Meetings are held as follows:

"A" Ward bi-monthly (on odd numbered months) on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4.00pm

"B" Ward bi-monthly (on odd numbered months) on the 3rd Monday of the month at 4.30pm

"C" Ward bi-monthly (on odd numbered months) on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 5pm. Meetings of this Committee are held at Crawford House, Alstonville

The Ward Committees consist of not for profit community based groups, with eligible groups having one representative on the committees. Any groups interested in joining a Ward Committee may put their request in writing to the General Manager. The request will then be reported to the next available Ordinary Council meeting for consideration.

If you are unsure of the Ward you are represented by, please check the Ward Boundary Map: 

Other Committees

Conduct Review Panel meets when required to consider Code of Conduct complaints.

Internal Audit Committee Audit, Risk and Improvement Committee reviews the following aspects of Council’s operations and provides information to Council for the purpose of improving Council’s performance of its functions.  Consists of two Councillors and three community representatives.  Staff attend meetings on an as-required basis.

  • compliance
  • risk management
  • fraud control
  • financial management
  • governance
  • implementation of the strategic plan, delivery program and strategies
  • service reviews
  • collection of performance measurement data by the council,
  • any other matters prescribed by the regulations.
Local Traffic Committee consists of representatives from Council's Civil Services Group, Roads & Maritime Services, NSW Police and the local State Member. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every second month at 10am (given that there are sufficient agenda items). Please contact Council’s Civil Services Group on 6686 1497 to confirm meeting dates.

Public Art Advisory Committee provides guidance on the implementation of the Council’s Public Art Policy. Consists of two Councillors and a representative from Arts Northern Rivers.

Port Ballina Taskforce consists of the Mayor and four Councillors, representatives from Ballina Chamber of Commerce, Ballina Fishermen's Co-operative, the State Department of Premier and Cabinet and community representatives. The Taskforce's goal is to improve the overall marine infrastructure and marine environment for Ballina through promotion and lobbying.

Aboriginal Community Committee provides constructive advice to Council on matters that involve, or potentially impact, the shire’s Aboriginal residents, to assist the Council in its decision making function and/or delivery of services. The committee will also work towards fostering a positive working relationship between the shire’s Aboriginal community, the Council itself and Council staff, and within Council’s existing resource capacity and strategic goals and policies. Enquiries relating to this committee may be made to Council's Strategic and Community Facilities Group on 6686 1284.


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