Economic Development

Economic Development Liaison

Businesses seeking information regarding business opportunities in Ballina Shire, looking for support or clarification regarding Council policy and processes, and/or wanting to provide Council with feedback on businesses related matters are invited to contact Simon Scott, Strategic and Community Facilities Group, ph 6686 1284 or email

Ballina Shire Economic Development Strategy - Opportunity - Innovation - Activation

Economic Development Strategy - March 2018

Economic Development Strategy Discussion Paper

Council has prepared a discussion paper to provide information relevant to the development of the strategy and to encourage discussion to support the project. 


Economic Profile

To access a broad range of economic data relating to Ballina Shire and the Northern Rivers region, check out our Ballina Shire Economic Profile:

Future Growth and Development

Council undertakes strategic planning to guide the future development of Ballina Shire.  Key strategies include:

For information regarding planned infrastructure projects, please refer to the works schedules contained in Council’s Developer Contributions Plans

Ballina-Byron Gateway Airport

The Ballina-Byron Gateway Airport, owned by Ballina Shire Council, is the fastest growing regional airport in NSW and one of the fastest growing in Australia.  Please refer to the airport website for more information regarding operations and growth plans:

Council Commercial Land Development

Ballina Council Commercial Services Section undertakes commercial property development, including the development of residential and industrial land and the management of commercial rental properties.  For further information regarding these commercial activities:

  • contact Council’s Commercial Services Section,  Ph 1300 864 444.


Ballina Shire’s visitor information service provides a range of services to visitors and local tourist operators:


Development Approval

Commercial activities on private land (and buildings) may require a Council approval.  Typically, commercial activities require a Development Approval under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.  For information regarding the approval requirements that apply to your land and proposal, please arrange to talk with:

  • Council’s Duty Planner, Ph 1300 864 444.

Developer contributions

The payment of development contributions is often required when new businesses are approved.  These contributions are imposed to assist the Council to deliver infrastructure, the need for which arises from new development, such as roads, car parking, water and sewerage, open spaces and community facilities.  These plans also identify key items of public infrastructure that Council has committed to delivering, to advance economic opportunities in the Shire:  

Food Handling

Businesses that involve food handling are subject to NSW Health regulations and regular food premises inspections undertaken by Council:

Trade Waste

Many businesses have the potential to generate ‘trade waste’, liquid waste that has the potential to adversely impact on public health and/or the environment.  Council has a role in insuring such waste is appropriately managed, in accordance with State Government requirements:


Hairdressers are subject to particular public health requirements:

Skin Penetration Industries

Particular public health requirements apply to activities that involve the penetration of skin, including: acupuncture, beauty treatments, body, nose and ear piercing, cosmetic enhancements, colonic lavage, tattooing and blood cholesterol and glucose measurement:


Commercial Use of Community Facilities

Council has a number of community facilities which can be hired for commercial purposes. For further information on the hiring of community facilities please see:

Commercial Use of Public Land

Events on Public Land


Footpath Dining and Street Vending

Sandwich Boards and A-Frame Signs

Roadside Stalls


Australia Federal Government Support

The Australian Federal Government provides assistance to business including advisory services, grants and other assistance:  

NSW Government Support

The NSW Government provides some assistance and support to business through the NSW Department of Industry:

NSW Small Business Commissioner

The NSW Small Business Commissioner provides support to businesses operating in New South Wales, including advice and mediation services: 

page updated January 2018


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