Ballina Shire Coastline Management Study and Management Plan

Coastline Management Study

Council in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Climate Change and project consultants GeoLINK and BMT WBM prepared the Ballina Coastline Management Study.

Part one of the study (Values Assessment) identifies the ecological, cultural, heritage, recreational and economic values of the Ballina coastline.

Part two of the study (Management Options Assessment) identifies where coastal values may be under threat from coastline erosion and outlines various management options.

Values Assessment

 Management Options

Developing A Coastline Management Plan

Following the exhibition of the Coastline Management Study, the next step in the process was the preparation of a Coastline Management Plan. The Coastline Management Plan defines the optimal combination of options and actions from the Management Study in order to deliver the desired outcomes and achieve the management objectives.

Protection and preservation of beach environments and beach amenity;

  • Emergency responses during periods of coastal storms and beach erosion;
  • Management of long term erosion threats; and
  • Continuing public access to coastal environments.

The Coastline Management Study and Plan development process was guided by the NSW Government's Coastal Policy and Coastline Management Manual, and the Plan is to be submitted to the Minister for Natural Resources for final approval.

Further information regarding the project is also contained in the project newsletters below:


Ballina Shire Council commenced coastline management investigations in 1999 in response to ongoing concern regarding coastal erosion threats to property and infrastructure in the Shire. Council's coastline management investigations and activity to date has included:

Ballina Coastline Hazard Definition Study (WBM 2003)

Describes the prevailing coastal processes and hazards in the Shire and will directly inform the Ballina Coastline Management Plan.

Ballina Shire Coastline Hazard Definition Study Final Report

Contents and Glossary (pdf)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (pdf)
Chapter 2 - Study Area Description (pdf)
Chapter 3 - Data Acquisition and Consultation (pdf)
Chapter 4 - Regional Processes (pdf)
Chapter 5 - Coastline Hazard Assessment (pdf)
Chapter 6 - Long Term Shoreline Retreat Assessment (pdf)
Chapter 7 - Coastline Erosion Hazard Zone Definition (pdf)
Chapter 8 & 9 -Coastline Hazard Definition Beach Unit Summary - References and Appendix A

Ballina Coastline Interim Measures and Action Plan (GeoLINK and WBM 2003)

Addresses threats to development and emergency responses in relation to immediate coastal hazards (e.g. severe storms). The Plan will guide Council with respect to development in coastal erosion hazard zones until the final Coastline Management Plan is completed and implemented. Development Control Plan No. 17 Coastal Hazard Protection, Lennox Head (Interim Measures) resulted from this study.

Ballina Coastline Interim Measures and Action Plan

Chapter 1 - Contents and Introduction (pdf)
Chapter 2 - Overview of Hazards and Threats (pdf)
Chapter 3 - Future Coastline Management Considerations (pdf)
Chapter 4 - Emergency Response Planning (pdf)
Chapter 5 - Interim Development Control (pdf)
Chapter 6 - Interim Protection Measures (pdf)
Chaper 7 & 8 - References and Appendices (pdf)

Ballina Coastal Reserve Plan of Management (BSC 2003)

Rationalises coastal Crown Land and Crown Reserves into a single Coastal Reserve for the purposes of Public Recreation and Coastal Environmental Protection.

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