Lift the Lid - Bin Audit Program

As part of the ongoing regional Recycle Right campaign, Ballina Shire Council is introducing a Lift the Lid audit program where kerbside recycling and organics bins are visually checked for incorrect items.

The purpose of the program is to provide direct education and feedback to residents who may be confused or require extra assistance to recycle right. It also allows Council to assess and improve our waste services and community education programs.

Our waste staff will move through Ballina Shire inspecting bins. If your bin is not contaminated, well done! 

Residents with minor bin contamination will be given information on what the incorrect item is and what bin it should go in.

Bins with excessive contamination will not be collected. The residence will be provided with information on what goes in what bin and will be required to re-sort the bin’s contents to remove the contaminating items. They then have the option to either transport the bin to the Ballina Waste Management Centre or re-present it for the next collection day.

Please download our handy resources to support sending less to landfill. Or visit our Recycle Right page to find out more about recycling your waste. 

Waste resources

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