Alstonville 2037

We have used the feedback and information you have provided and prepared the Alstonville Planning and Environmental Study and Strategic Plan 2017 – 2037. These documents were initially placed on public exhibition from 5 April 2017 until 12 May 2017 for community comment. Following consideration of comments received Council adopted the study and strategic plan at its Ordinary Meeting on 14 December 2017.  




Exhibition launch

Council thanks the more than 70 local residents who attended the launch presentation on 3 April 2017. The feedback you provided to us was very valuable.

Exhibition Launch Presentation (3.2mb pdf)

Online survey

Thank you to everyone who completed an online survey as part of the exhibition process. Feedback obtained has been considered by the Council when they gave further consideration to the Alstonville Strategic Plan at Council's Ordinary Meeting on 27 July 2017 and 26 October 2017. In total 69 survey responses were received. 

Want to talk to someone?

Please call Council's Alstonville Futures Team on 1300 864 444. 

Thanks again for your contributions to the Alstonville Strategic Planning Process.  We have very much enjoyed speaking to the Alstonville community, who have been very generous with ideas and feedback.

The Alstonville Futures Team

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where is the project up to?

June 2016 
Alstonville2036 Project Launch 

July-September 2016 
Street stalls, community meetings, web conversations

October 2016-February 2017
Development of Planning and Environmental Study and draft Strategic Plan

March 2017 
Councillor briefing and report to the Council

April-May 2017 
Document exhibition and Phase 2 of community consultation

December 2017 
Final Alstonville 2037 Strategy reported to Council

2018 to 2037
The project is now in the implementation phase. Actions contained within the strategic plan will be evaluated in detail prior to implementation. 

Document Downloads

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