Maguires Creek Alstonville

From time to time, Maguires Creek is affected by the blooming of blue-green algal species.

What are blue green algae?

For more information on blue green algae, refer to Lake Ainsworth and Blue Green Algae page.

How can blue green algae affect me?

The impact of blue green algae will depend on the way in which people or animals are exposed to water containing blue green algae.  Maguires Creek is used for private domestic water supplies, stock watering, irrigation and recreation (swimming).

Due to this range of uses, Council follows a number of protocols when determining whether health or other warnings are necessary; including the Water Directorate guidelines for drinking water, the North Coast Regional Algal Coordinating Committee (NCRACC) protocols for recreational water, and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) guidance information for stock and irrigation watering.

Warning signs are erected at Howards Crossing Swimming Hole:

  • when blue green algae concentrations exceed the NCRACC protocols.
  • and/or when concentrated algal slicks and/or scums appear.

The signs are removed:

  • when blue-green algal concentrations fall below the NCRACC protocol levels, and slicks and/or scums are no longer present.

Sampling on Maguires Creek

Sampling is undertaken by operations and environmental health officers in accordance with NCRACC protocols and analysed by a NATA accredited laboratory. Results are generally available within 24 hours. Testing is stepped up in summer and may be carried out several times a week when algae blooms appear imminent or are in progress.  The locations of sampling are shown on the map below.

Enquiries: Water and Wastewater Unit, ph 02 6686 4444, or Development and Environmental Health Group, ph 02 6686 1210.

Algal Information Line: 1800 999 457

To report algal blooms after hours 02 6626 6954.

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