Real Estate Signage

Council’s Combined Development Control Plan (DCP) Chapter 8 – Other Uses - 3.4 Signage, sets out guidelines for the placement of advertising within the Shire.

The only real estate signage that is permissible without the need for consent of Council is as the following General Agreed Guidelines:

  • The sign is a real estate sign advertising that the premises on which it is displayed are for sale or lease
  • The sign and any structure together have a maximum area of 2.5m2 on residential or rural premises, or 4.5m2 on commercial or industrial premises
  • The sign is removed within 14 days after the sale or letting of the property
  • The sign is located wholly within the subject property
  • The sign is not illuminated, animated or flashing.

In relation to ‘Open House’ signage, Council’s position is that one sign at the property and one at the street entrance will be acceptable on the day of the open house. Council agreed in December 2006 to the erection of open house signage as outlined above following a submission to Council from the real estate industry.

Any signage that is placed in unsuitable locations, such as blocking traffic signs or sight distances or obstructing pathways will be impounded. The Roads and Maritime Services NSW and Council will not permit signs to be erected on main or arterial roads including intersections.

To further clarify and assist the industry a map has been produced, that indicates the roads in the Shire where placement of 'Open House' signage is prohibited and the required setback for an 'Open House' sign from intersection of a road.

Download map link:  Prohibited Roads, Real Estate Open House Advertising Signage

Council Rangers will continue to monitor and impound real estate signs that are observed during their normal routine patrols and may issue a Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) to offending real estate agents that don’t comply with the requirements as outlined above.

If signs are impounded by Council it is the responsibility of the real estate agent to make contact with Council and pay the impounding fee at the Customer Service Counter to retrieve any impounded signs (note: under Council’s fees and charges policy for the 2016/17 period, the impounding fee is $34 per 'Open House' sign). Signs may be destroyed by Council if impounded and held for longer than thirty (30) days from removal.

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