3 bin Urban Waste System


As a result of the 3-bin system, your bin amounts at home should now be represented by this new waste pyramid.

There are many benefits to the Urban 3 Bin System. State Government taxes on waste going to landfill are rising and they are forcing councils to look at more sustainable waste practices.

Everything that goes in the mixed waste bin / garbage bin (red lid)is filling up our local landfill site which will be at capacity in around 5-7 years at current rates. This means we all need to take responsibility for our own waste and recycle as much as we possibly can.

By using the organics bin (green lid) we are stopping 5,976.10 tonnes per year of valuable material from going to landfill. In fact we actually had to have this organic bin system in place before the state government would approve any further landfill development or extension.

By using the recycling bin (yellow lid) we are stopping 2,839 tonnes per year of valuable material from going to landfill.

What day are my bins picked up?


  • Our trucks cannot lift bins heavier than 60kg
  • Bins must be 30cm apart from one another
  • Bin lids must be closed
  • Bins must be kept away from stationary objects such as parked cars and telegraph poles

Think about which bin your waste should go into and let’s keep our precious landfill space for as long as we can.

Enquiries: Waste Management Centre, Ph 02 6686 1287.

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