Local Environmental Plans

Ballina Local Environmental Plan 2012 (BLEP 2012) 

The Ballina Local Environmental Plan 2012 (BLEP 2012) commenced on 4 February 2013.  The BLEP 2012 can be accessed via the NSW Legislation website at www.legislation.nsw.gov.au.  The maps detailing land use zones, minimum lot sizes and other development standards specified by the BLEP 2012 can also be accessed via the NSW legislation website at www.legislation.nsw.gov.au by selecting the link to 'Maps' on the light blue banner near the top of the page.

Some land is identified on the BLEP 2012 maps as 'deferred matter'.  Where land is identified as 'deferred matter' the BLEP 2012 does not apply.  Land identified as 'deferred matter' is still subject to the provisions of the Ballina Local Environmental Plan 1987 (BLEP 1987) as detailed below.  The land identified as 'deferred matter' generally comprises the land previously identified in the Draft Ballina Local Environmental Plan 2011 as E2 Environmental Conservation Zone or E3 Environmental Management Zone.

The deferral of these areas is a result of a decision by the Minister for Planning & Infrastructure to review the application of the E zones on the North Coast. Where land is identified as a 'deferred matter', the provisions of BLEP 1987 continue to apply to that land.

The Department of Planning & Environment completed its review of the application of the E zones on the North Coast in late 2015. The outcomes of this review are contained in the Northern Councils E Zone Review Final Recommendations Report (available for download from the Department of Planning & Environment’s website here). Council has considered the recommendations and has resolved to progress the integration of the areas identified as deferred matters into the Ballina LEP 2012 through a staged program of amendments to the 2012 plan. 

In December 2016, Council resolved to initiate Stage 1 of the program which seeks to integrate deferred land currently zoned 7(c) Environmental Protection (Water Catchment) under Ballina LEP 1987 as well as some immediately adjoining land into the Ballina LEP 2012. The planning proposal for Stage 1 is currently with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) for review and Gateway determination. Work has commenced on the remaining stages and planning proposals for each stage will be initiated before the 30 June 2017. Council intends to consult with land owners regarding their proposed land use zone once a Gateway determination has been received from the DPE for each stage.

Further Information: Contact Council's Strategic and Community Facilities Group, Ph 6686 1284.

Ballina Local Environmental Plan 1987 (BLEP 1987)

The BLEP 1987 continues to apply to land identified in BLEP 2012 as 'deferred matter'.  The BLEP 1987 is also accessed via the NSW Legislation web site www.legislation.nsw.gov.au.

The NSW Legislation website does not provide maps relating to the BLEP 1987.  The set of maps listed below provide information on the zoning of land to which the BLEP 1987 applies:

General Localities and Map Sheet (note: localities may feature in multiple map sheets)

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