Access to Information

Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA)

From 1 July 2010, requests for access to information will be dealt with in accordance with Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and Council's Privacy Management Plan. In addition the Privacy & Personal Information Protection Act (PPIPA) sets requirements in relation to the disclosure of personal information.

The GIPA Act allows information to be available in the following ways;

1. Mandatory Release of Information

GIPA requires a lot of information to be made available on Council's website. This includes policy documents, a current publication guide, disclosure log and contracts register.

2. Proactive Release of Information

Other information available on Council's website includes Minutes and Agendas of Council & Committee Meetings, Management Plans for Crown Lands, Plans of Management for Community Land, Local Environmental and Development Control Plans. Information relating to development applications is available via DAs On-line.

3. Informal Release of Information

Wherever possible, information that is not available on Council's website can be released informally, unless there are good reasons requiring a formal application.

Disclosure of Interest Returns for Councillors and Designated Persons are available to view at Council's Customer Service Centre.

4. Formal Application for Access

A formal application will be required for information concerning a third party(s), or where a large amount of documentation or research will be required to satisfy the request.

To arrange to view building and development files, contact Council's Regulatory Services Group or the Customer Service Counter. An 'Application to View BA and DA Files' form must be completed and provided to Council at the time of, or prior to the file being available. Owner's consent is required to view the full file. Photocopying charges apply where copies are requested.

To access information; members of the public should contact Council's Records Coordinator. Wherever possible, informal access will be arranged and if copies of documents are required, photocopying charges will apply. Where informal access is not possible formal GIPA procedures and associated fees will apply.

The Finance & Governance Manager is Council's Public Officer. Applications for information under the GIPA Act should be accompanied by a $30 application fee. In addition to the application fee, a $30 per hour processing fee is charged for all requests to access documents that are not pertain to the applicant's personal affairs The RIO officer will determine applications.

In accordance with the GIPA Act, Council is required to produce a publication guide detailing the information that is publicly available, a disclosure log, and a Contracts Register. This information can be obtained by clicking on the links below:

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