Emergency Services

Ballina Local Emergency Management Committee (Ballina LEMC)

Ballina Shire has a Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) constituted under the SERM Act. The committee is facilitated by Council, meets quarterly, and includes:

  • Senior Council representatives (who have the authority of Council to coordinate the use of Council's resources in an emergency)
  • Senior local representative of emergency service agencies including: Police Force, Fire & Rescue, Ambulance, Rural Fire Service, SES, Marine Rescue, Airservices and Surf Lifesaving
  • Representatives functional area organisations including: Primary Industries, Human Services, Family & Community Services, and Local Health District
  • Other representatives including: RMS, Telstra, Essential Energy, Rous Water, Environmental Protection Agency, Fisheries, and Red Cross.

The executive positions in the LEMC are:

  • LEMO Local Emergency Management Officer: a senior Council Officer, who provides support for the Committee
  • LEOCON Local Emergency Operations Controller: a Senior Police Officer, who is the operations controller in times of emergency.

The LEMC is responsible to the Regional Emergency Management Committee (REMO).

Ballina Emergency Management Plan (Ballina EMPlan)

Ballina Shire Council has coordinated the development of the local Ballina Emergency Management Plan (EMPlan) with the emergency agencies that sit on the LEMC. This document describes the local level arrangements to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

The EMPlan objectives include:

  • defining participating organisations, roles and responsibilities
  • setting out the control, co-ordination and liaison arrangements
  • detailing activation and alerting arrangements for involved agencies
  • detailing arrangements for the acquisition and co-ordination of resources.

This plan will be reviewed regularly by the LEMC to ensure it remains current.



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