The approval requirements for front boundary fences are contained within the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy Exempt and Complying Development Code 2008. This code can be found on the NSW Legislation web site.

Front boundary open “picket style” fences of 1.2 metres maximum height or under do not require any Council approval. Any solid front fencing greater than 1 metre in height and forward of the building line requires Council approval. A development application is to be lodged for these fences, including a site plan with front and side elevations.

The maximum height for front fences is 1.8 metres and Council encourages the articulation of front fences to incorporate some open design as opposed to solid construction.  Council’s DCP 2012 CH4 requires 50% of the fencing elevation area being of open form style such as open slats. Concessions to this requirement are permissible in certain high traffic areas for acoustic reasons; refer to the DCP.

Where a solid style fence abuts a driveway edge, a 2.5 x 2 metre truncation to the fencing is to be provided either side of the driveway for traffic viewing purposes, in accordance with AS 2890. Alternatively, a fully open or part open style fence may be adopted either side of the driveway which may incorporate solid construction to a maximum height of 1 metre.

Property owners are also advised to consult any private covenant that may burden their land with respect to fencing restrictions.


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