Why heritage and culture matters

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Our Community : Our Culture Ballina Shire Cultural Plan 2014 -2020 is the Shire’s first cultural plan. Fostering community sustainability underlies the Plan’s vision and objectives. To this end, it emphasises strengthening the visibility of our local cultural attributes and the opportunities for both Council and the community to develop and hold cultural activity across our Shire.

In line with community sustainability also, Our Community : Our Culture’s objectives foremost seek to maximise the use of our existing cultural resources and programs. These objectives also highlight the opportunity to improve, and initiate new community partnerships to develop and deliver cultural activity throughout the Shire.

Encouraging cultural activity that is shaped by various community interests is also considered important to its accessibility across our community – including children, young people, older people, families and the various cultural backgrounds represented in our Shire.

Accessibility of cultural activity to people with disability needs is also seen as important. Our Community : Our Culture sits under Council’s overarching Community Strategic Plan – Our Community: Our Future 2013- 2023. Our Community: Our Future identifies ‘connected community’ as one of its four key planning directions. Fostering cultural activity is one way to achieve this, and other broader community planning goals.

Council recognises that having access to cultural activity results in important social and economic outcomes. These benefits include a more vibrant community life and increased community pride and well-being, to the greater opportunities and employment for community residents working in cultural and creative industries.

Want to know more?.....

The Our Culture: Current Community Projects booklet provides a snapshot of some of the cultural related activities that are currently occurring in the shire.

Council has prepared a Cultural Plan Issues Paper to provide a better understanding about what a cultural plan is and why Council prepared one. Click here to read the Cultural Plan Issues Paper.

Contact Ballina Shire Council’s Strategic and Community Facilities Group, ph 6686 1284.

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