DCP Amendments

Council monitors the operation of the Ballina Shire Development Control Plan 2012 (the DCP) and amendments are made to the plan by Council from time to time.  Amendments to the DCP may also be requested by development proponents or other interested persons.  A request for Council to amend the DCP may be made in writing and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee (see Council's fees and charges).  However, before making a request for an amendment to the DCP, it is recommended that the proposed amendment is discussed with staff from Council's strategic planning section.

Where a request for a DCP amendment is made, it is important to be aware of obligations on the person (or persons) making the request to make disclosures of political donations.  When making a request to amend the DCP a disclosure must be made, where the person making the request (or any person who has a financial interest in the request) has made a reportable political donation to any elected representative (including as a candidate) or political party from two years prior to making the request to the date the matter is determined.  Following the request being made, should the person making the request (or any person who has a financial interest in the application), subsequently make a reportable donation, this must be disclosed to Council, within 7 days.  Any such disclosures made will be available for public viewing.  These requirements also apply to any person making a submission to a DCP amendment.

For further information on applicant and submittor obligations in relation to making disclosures of political donations, including matters that must be included in such disclosures, please refer to the Department of Planning website in relation to donations and gift disclosure. 

Page updated July 2015

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