Extension of Hutley Drive, Lennox Head

As urban development continues to expand within the Lennox Head area, Ballina Shire Council has been looking at various options to extend Hutley Drive to service current and future residential developments.

Residential estates such as Meadows Estate, and the Epiq Lennox Estate (currently under construction) use Hutley Drive as an access road. 

While residents in these areas use Hutley Drive to travel in and out of their estates, they currently do so via Silkwood Road and Henderson Lane to access the arterial roads such as North Creek Road, Byron Bay Road and The Coast Road.

Due to the level of growth in Lennox Head and the extra vehicular traffic in residential areas, Council’s traffic modelling has identified for many years that Hutley Drive should be extended in the north to The Coast Road/Byron Bay Road and in the south to North Creek Road. 

What are the benefits of extending Hutley Drive?

Council’s traffic modelling identifies that Hutley Drive must be extended to ensure vehicles can move more efficiently throughout this locality.

The northern extension of Hutley Drive will provide a safer connection to major roads, and reduce vehicle traffic in residential areas that are currently used to access arterial roads.  

Extending Hutley Drive will also improve access to the proposed shopping centre development in the Epiq Lennox Estate and the new sporting fields in this estate.

What is proposed?

There have been three options considered for the northern extension of Hutley Drive: 

1. Byron Bay Road connection 
Council has recently purchased 9 Byron Bay Road. This has presented an easier and more cost effective linkage option from Hutley Drive to Byron Bay Road by extending Hutley Drive to the north and connecting with a new roundabout on Byron Bay Road, north of the existing Coast Road roundabout (illustrated below and in the attached factsheet).
2. North Creek Road realignment and connection

This option involves two major components (illustrated in the attached factsheet):

i) Connecting the northern extension of Hutley Drive to North Creek Road by constructing a new roundabout on a realigned North Creek Road to the west of the existing water reservoir. The new roundabout would be constructed to the south of the existing Coast Road roundabout. 

ii) Realigning the existing North Creek Road from the new roundabout to west of the reservoir.

3. Connecting Hutley Drive to existing Coast Road roundabout

Extension of the existing Hutley Drive through the council owned road reserve (currently used as a pedestrian access) and connecting straight to the existing Coast Road roundabout. Unfortunately this design, which resulted in a five legged roundabout for the existing Coast Road roundabout was not able to meet contemporary engineering and traffic standards.

Why option one over the other options?

Option one, being the extension of Hutley Drive and connecting with a new roundabout on Byron Bay Road is the preferred option as opposed to the North Creek realignment connection (option two) for the following reasons:

  • negates the extensive cut and fill required for the North Creek Road alignment option

  • negates the prohibitive cost to relocate essential services

  • negates the need to realign North Creek Road 

  • removes the need for land acquisition negotiations in respect to the land surrounding the water reservoir site.

  • Council is now the owner of 9 Byron Bay Road which means that all the land needed for the extension of Hutley Drive is owned by Council.

In summary option one will deliver a safe access to the Coast Road in a more timely and a far more cost effective manner than option two.

Where to obtain more information?

Contact Ballina Shire Council's Commercial Services Ph: 1300 864 444.


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