Responsible Cat Ownership

Responsible cat ownership includes proper housing, feeding, control, care and breeding. Cat owners also need to be aware of the problems which can occur if their pets are allowed to roam.

Cats can cause considerable damage to the environment if allowed to wander. If you own a cat, you are encouraged to keep them inside at night to reduce the chances of fighting and hunting other animals. It is also a good idea for your cat to wear a bell on its collar to warn other wildlife.

Important things to know before purchasing a cat and caring for a healthy cat

How to be a responsible cat owner

  • make sure your cat is identified with a collar, tag and microchip
  • make sure your cat is registered with Council so it can be identified
  • keep your cat indoors at night
  • desex your cat as early as possible
  • clean up after your pet

Further information

Nuisance Cats

Many people do not like the presence of a cat in their backyard for a range of reasons, as the cat is:

  • being noisy
  • defecating in the yard
  • attacking their cat
  • damaging property
  • killing wildlife
  • attacking caged birds or other animals.

Every individual will have a different view as to what constitutes a nuisance cat. Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 a cat is a nuisance if it:

  • makes noise that persistently occurs or continues to such a degree that it unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of any person in any other premise
  • repeatedly damages anything outside the property on which it is ordinarily kept.

If you have issues with a cat, Council recommends in the first instance that you discuss your concerns with the cat owner. The Nuisance Cat Information Package (pdf) may assist you and the cat owner in reaching a favourable outcome.

If you have problems with a cat entering your yard please do not encourage the cat by:

  • leaving food lying around for other animals
  • leaving the back door, cat or dog door open which can allow entry of the cat into the house
  • having an undesexed female that will attract tom cats.

You can discourage cats from coming into your yard, without causing pain or injury to the cat, by:

  • owning a dog
  • using deterrents
  • hosing any cat that enters the yard.

Further information

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