Delivery Program/Operational Plan (draft) 2018/19 to 2021/22

Council is seeking community feedback on its Delivery Program and Operational Plan and associated documents: 
Key elements of the documents include:
  • services and key actions planned for 2018/19 to 2021/22
  • summary of major capital works planned for 2018/19 to 2022/23
  • long term financial plan for 2018/19 to 2027/28 
  • rates, fees and charges proposed for 2018/19.
In respect to rates, fees and charges Council proposes:
  • CPI increases in waste collection, waste consumption and wastewater charges.
  • Nil increase in water access charges.
  • A change in the charging structure for water access charges for multi-tenancy properties, which will now be based on the number of occupancies, rather than meter size. This provides consistency with the wastewater and waste collection charging structures. Should this proposal not proceed, Council will review the (nil) increase to water access charges.
  • The continuation of a pensioner / health care card holder concession, increased from 30% to 50%, for eligible season ticket holders for the Burns Point Ferry.
  • The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal IPART approved a temporary special rate variation of 4.9% (including a rate peg of 1.5%) for 2017/18 only. Council submitted a further application to IPART in February 2018, for a special rate variation of 9.1% in 2018/19 and 5.9% in 2019/20. The application for 9.1% for 2018/19 represents a 3.4% increase above the standard rate peg limit of 2.3% plus retention of the 3.4% temporary rate variation that was approved for the 2017/18 year. The application for 5.9% for 2019/20 represents an increase of 3.4% above an assumed rate peg of 2.5% for that year.
  • IPART are expected to make their decision and announcement on the special rate variation on 15 May 2018.
  • The Delivery Program and Operational Plan exhibited are based on the special rate variation being approved, referred to as Scenario 1. The additional funding from the special rate variation is to be expended on increased asset renewal works and actions to improve the health of our waterway and these increases are intended to be permanent increases to our rate income. If the application is not approved, Scenario 2 outlines the model without the additional funding.

In addition to capital works for roads, footpaths and stormwater major community infrastructure projects planned for 2018/19 are:

  • River Street Beautification – completion of the final stage Moon Street to Grant Street.
  • Indoor Sports Centre - construction of a two courts as part of the Ballina High School redevelopment, to provide a four court complex.
  • Airport Terminal – expansion for the departure lounge.
  • Coastal Walk and Coastal Shared Path – finalise links between Ballina and Lennox Head.
  • Skennars Head Sports Fields – expansion of sporting fields.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend the following public meetings:

  • Monday 21 May 2018, 7pm, Lennox Head Community Centre
  • Tuesday 22 May 2018, 7pm, Wardell Memorial Hall.

Delivery Program / Operational Plan 2018 - 2022 (draft) (2.5MB pdf)

The Delivery Program and Operational Plan support the Community Strategic Plan.
The Program and Plan identify Strategies and Actions we are implementing to respond to the Directions and Outcomes identified in the Community Strategic Plan.
This document is reviewed annually with quarterly reports provided to the elected Council.


Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) 2018/19 - 2027/28 (draft) (373KB pdf)

The primary purpose of the LTFP is to inform financial decision‐making and to monitor Council’s financial performance, along with balancing the short, medium and long term expectations of the community.



Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP) Budget 2018/19 - 2027/28 (draft) (1.4MB pdf)

The LTFP includes a summary of all income from continuing operations and operating expenses, as well as the Net Operating Result for the Year. A Net Operating Result before Capital Income figure is also provided as this is a more reliable identifier of the operations of Council due to the variability that can occur from year to year in capital income received.

Fees and Charges 2018/19 (draft) (1MB pdf)

Council charges and recovers approved fees for any service it provides other than a service provided on an annual basis for which it makes an annual charge under Section 501.  In determining fees Council has taken into consideration the cost to Council of providing the service, the price suggested by any relevant industry body or in any schedule of charges published by the Office of Local Government, the importance of the service to the community, and any factors specified in legislation.

Workforce Plan 2018- 2022 (draft) (1.1MB pdf)

Council is a major employer in the Ballina Shire and we recognise our role in delivering high quality services to the community and also our role as an employer and trainer in the development of our community. We also recognise the human resource challenges ahead, including an ageing workforce, retaining quality staff and talent management for future skills requirements. Implementation of our Workforce Plan will seek to build upon the existing workforce and help bring about improvements in what we do and how we deliver services.

Community Strategic Plan 2017 - 2027 (Adopted Nov 2017) (6.5MB pdf)

The CSP identifies the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future to promote a positive lifestyle and improve the amenity for our residents and visitors. Council uses this document to guide and inform its decision making and planning for at least the next ten years.

The current CSP was adopted in November 2017 and is provided as a supporting reference to the documents currently on exhibition.

Council encourages and welcomes your feedback:

Post: General Manager | PO Box 450 | Ballina NSW 2478
Online feedback link:
Submissions close: Friday 8 June 2018.
Enquiries: Linda Coulter, Manager Financial Services, Ph 1300 864 444.
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