Rainwater Tanks

Ballina Shire Council has the following requirements for rainwater tanks installation:

  1. The rainwater storage tank or tanks are to be located in accordance with any approved plans.
  2. The rainwater tank must be installed in accordance with the relevant manufacturer's specifications.
  3. Care is to be taken with the installation of the rainwater storage tank so as to ensure that neither the tank nor any associated excavation does not impacts on existing nearby or adjoining structures or buildings.
  4. The use of any pump facility associated with the rainwater storage tank is not to give rise to any offensive noise as defined under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (POEO Act). Careful consideration is to be given to the location and need for sound insulating of any rainwater storage pump facilities in this regard.
  5. On visible sites, above ground rainwater storage tank facilities are to be located within rear or side yard areas, are to be screened from street view and the adjoining neighbours.
  6. All rainwater tank facilities are to be located clear of Council sewer mains and other registered easements.
  7. In the interests of public health, the rainwater storage tank facility is to be provided with a first flush diversion system.
  8. It is recommended that the rainwater storage tank facilities be de-sludged at regular intervals, at least annually.
  9. It is recommended all roof stormwater gutters be maintained clean of debris.
  10. The rainwater storage tank inlets and overflows are to be provided with suitable insect gauze screening to prevent debris and insects entering the rainwater tank.
  11. All plumbing works associated with the installation of rainwater tanks shall be carried out in accordance with Ballina Shire Council's Guidelines, Australian Standard 3500:2003 Plumbing and Drainage Part 1: Water Services and the NSW Code of Practice, Plumbing and Drainage.
  12. All water plumbing pipe work associated with the installation of rainwater tanks and the connection of pumps shall only be undertaken by the holder of a current NSW Plumber's Licence.
  13. Any field-testing and maintenance of backflow prevention devices shall be carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 2845:1993 Part 3: field-testing and maintenance. NSW Licence Plumbers must hold the necessary additional qualification to undertake this work.
  14. Where there is a risk of cross contamination between the rainwater tank and Council's potable water supply, a suitable backflow prevention device is to be installed in accordance with the requirements of Ballina Shire Council.

Additional Information

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