Environmental Action @ Home


Did you know that 50% of household generated greenhouse emissions come from electricity?

Simple measures like turning off appliances at the power point, and changing to energy efficient lighting and appliances can make a difference. There are a number of different resources available to help households and businesses to reduce their energy consumption, visit the NSW Government’s Save Power site for more information.

High schools in the Northern Rivers have been participating in the Power to Make a Difference Project  to identify and improve energy use in school buildings. This project involved installing Cent-a-meters (energy monitors) and providing teaching support for their use.

Council is now providing a cost saving tool called the Power-Mate to help residents control their electricity bill. The Power-Mate measures the running cost of an appliance and determines the amount of greenhouse gas emitted when using an appliance or when it's on stand-by. All you need to do is connect the Power-Mate to an appliance such as a television or fridge, and then plug the appliance into a power point to get a reading. Power-Mate monitors can be borrowed from the Alstonville, Lennox Head and Ballina libraries.

Solar and water saving technologies have the potential to deliver substantial energy and water savings and cuts to greenhouse gas emissions across the shire…..read more

More sustainable business practices can provide a range of benefits for your organization including better environmental outcomes, increase marketing potential and significantly reduced business operating costs. Council’s Urban Sustainable Business Project worked with local business to help improve their environmental outcomes……read more 


Commuting by car for work, school, shopping and personal travel contributes to air pollution, global warming and climate change.

Why not leave the car at home? Ballina Shire Council is actively encouraging people living and working in Ballina Shire to take up more sustainable options for travel to work and study through its Cool Commuters Project. Cool Commuters Maps are  available for Ballina, Lennox Head  and Alstonville/Wardell/Wollongbar. The Northern Rivers Carpool  is a free, online web service for anyone who wants to save money, meet new people and reduce their carbon footprint while travelling to work or study.

By using your vehicle less or at least more efficiently, your business can reduce its carbon footprint, improve the health and wellbeing of your staff and save money. Why not combine travel with exercise?

Ride to Work day  is a great event to be involved in, and is a fantastic way to launch your new greener travel plan for your workplace. The Travelsmart website offers an Employer's Toolkit which can be used in your workplace to develop an action plan for more sustainable travel options for in-work travel and commuting.


Every day, there are simple, practical things we can to save water. Simple things like taking shorter showers, using waterwise appliances and checking to ensure reticulation systems are working properly can save lots of water and don't take a lot of effort. Rous Water provides a range of resources, to help you save water and save costs.

Visit NSW Government website, which contains comprehensive information about the state of our water supply, where it comes from and how together we can secure our water for life.

Ballina Council is also working to reduce demand for potable water through the Ballina Shire Urban Water Management Strategy (UWMS)…read more.


Reducing our waste is a great way to help the environment and save money. By far, waste avoidance is the best because it means simply not creating waste in the first place. To become a careful consumer, we need to consider the waste disposal impact of every product we purchase. This involves keeping a check of the goods we consume, reusing and recycling as well as composting out biodegradable food scraps…..read more.

North East Waste Forum has some great fact sheets on how to incorporate waste minimization in the home, as well as providing information on local recycling options, an A-Z of waste and Landfill open days.


Another way we can help our environment is to participate in activities that work towards increasing the biodiversity of our shire. Think about joining a local environmental care group or participating in initiatives like National Tree Day. Participation in National Tree Day is easy, with several public planting locations throughout the shire.

We can improve biodiversity in our shire by establishing plants that provide fruits and nectar for food and complementary habitat for nesting, sleeping and protection. The Ballina Shire Urban Garden Guide has been produced to assist our residents to plant their gardens.

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