Cities for Climate Protection Program

Ballina Shire Council has successfully achieved Milestones 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Cities for Climate Protection Program (CCP). CCP was a global program co-ordinated in Australia by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives - Local Governments for Sustainability, Australia/ New Zealand (ICLEI-A/NZ).

The CCP program aimed to provide a strategic framework for local governments to identify major sources of greenhouse gas emissions, determine an emission reduction goal and develop an action plan to reduce these emissions and achieve the goals that were set. CCP involved a milestone framework designed to assist Council in progressing through the program. In moving through the milestones, the program focused on two key areas, being emissions attributable to corporate (Council) activities and those attributable to community based activities.

Actions completed under this program included the retrofit of all Council’s PCs with LCD monitors, the introduction of green travel initiatives in the workplace, downsizing the vehicle fleet to contain more 4 cylinder vehicles, a public lighting audit, community education programs to reduce household emissions, an energy efficient homes trial and the provision of energy efficient light globes and shower heads to households in the shire.

Milestone 5 was completed in 2009, and it was evident from the review of the emissions data that Council’s corporate emissions are continuing to increase despite significant decreases in energy use in its main administration building, vehicle fleet and in the corporate waste sectors. The review indicated that energy use has increased in the water and sewer and street lighting sectors. This appears to be largely a result of additional infrastructure that has been built in recent years to respond to the need for increased service provision across the shire. Achieving Milestone 5 has enabled Council to assess its progress towards its reduction goals and provides an opportunity to reflect on its experiences in implementing climate change related actions.

Since achieving Milestone 5 and completing the CCP Program, Council has progressed its response to climate change in various ways. These approaches have now been consolidated into Council’s Climate Action Strategy. This Climate Action Strategy seeks to broaden Council’s response to climate change to include both mitigation and adaptation strategies. Actions specific to the identified strategies that relate to reducing corporate emissions or supporting community action on climate change are included in Council’s Environmental Action Plan.

last updated February 2012

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